Doing Change Differently

During June and July 2020, Trueman Change ran a range of panel discussions with over 50 leaders from 44 different organisations to understand how they have responded to COVID-19 from a change perspective. Find out what we learned in our new white paper, available to download for free

New Narratives for the North East

New Narratives for the North East

They tell us that we live on a tiny crowded island. They try to tell us that we are tiny within ourselves. Tell them to come up here with the skylark, to forget what they think they know, and to look down upon the vastness of the North.” – David Almond, from ‘Sing the North’.

Visiting Miss Dorothy Carman

Brogen Campbell performs the monologue Visiting Miss Dorothy Carman written by Marie Greenhalgh. This was performed as part of project RapidReel.

The Agriculture Bill returns...


Grace Pritchard in “The Agriculture Bill returns …” talks to Joe Stanley, a farmer and conservationist from the East Midlands, and Natalie Bennett, Green Party peer, about the importance of the agriculture bill, currently going through parliament.