Our Glass House

DISCLAIMER: this video contains scenes of, and references to domestic abuse that some viewers might find triggering, offensive or distressing.

Our Glass House is a site-specific event by Common Wealth staged in a house that explores domestic abuse. Based on real-life interviews that Common Wealth carried out with survivors of domestic abuse- family members, friends, neighbours and female and male survivors we approached through charities, Our Glass House examines the reasons why people stay in abusive relationships and how they leave. The play toured the UK visiting a total of 5 houses in 5 distinct communities across the country.

WINNER of Special Commendation Award from Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Awards

This video was filmed and edited by Jack King in Thorpe Edge, Bradford during the March 2013 run, which coincided with International Women's Day 2013

Commissioned by Theatre in the Mill. Funded by Arts Council England, Scottish Government, Bradford Community Safety Partnership, Bradford Council, Police Scotland, NHS Lothian, Quartet Community Foundation, Edinburgh Council and Camden Council.

Performed in:
St George and Lawrence Weston, Bristol, 2012
Thorpe Edge, Bradford, February 2013
Wester Hailes, Edinburgh, 2013
Camden, London, 2013

If you need are suffering from domestic abuse and need help, please look for advice and support from the following links: