Terrace on Tour

Going Home from Here - by Maddi Nicholson.

Inflated inkjet printed PVC. 11m x 5.5 m x 4.5m

In Going Home from Here, Maddi recreated a derelict terraced house, from Arthur Street in Barrow-in-Furness, into a photographic ink jet printed PVC inflated replica. Two thirds the scale of the original terraced house, it was complete with ‘tinnies’ on the windows and doors – a statement of urban decay.
The dense terraces, very much part of the Northern landscape are now in some areas considered substandard, and are demolished and replaced as part of Housing Market Renewal schemes. Arthur Street in Barrow was formerly a shining example of civic pride, with well publicised 1970s images of street parties. However in recent years, a number of social problems have blighted this formerly proud street, it became a so called ‘problem area’ which in part led to its demolition.

Terrace on Tour took the house to various beauty spots around Cumbria. It was rebuilt or inflated, on beaches and parkland. Out of the context of the street, the single terrace had a considerable effect on the positive perception, status and interest in such housing.

Commissioned by Tullie House Museum and Art gallery, in Carlisle, Cumbria.

Filmed by Sheryl Jenkins

Funded by Arts Council England and Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery.

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