Power Tools: How to smash a double-glazed window

Helen demonstrates how to smash a double-glazed window.

You might find yourself in a situation where you really need to get out. Most modern windows are double glazed which makes them very strong. There is a specific technique you can use to break the glass, Helen shows you how to protect yourself while doing so.


What is Power Tools?

Power Tools is a series of household DIY videos made by women, for women.

A series of fun, approachable and concise videos give instructions on basic DIY tasks like changing a lightbulb, smashing a window, painting a wall and using a drill.

The videos are part of a project by award-winning arts and social justice organisation Idle Women and were all made in St Helens, Merseyside, UK.

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About Idle Women 

Idle Women is an award winning arts and social justice project that creates vibrant and adventurous spaces with women in the North West and beyond. 

We are tenacious, ambitious, rigorous and care deeply that our practice effects change. We’ve constructed and toured a bespoke narrowboat, purchased land to create the first womens physic garden in the UK, and received the ACE Ambition for Excellence Award for HELEN a major project with women experiencing domestic violence resulting in the deconstruction and reconstruction of a town centre building in St Helens and the creation of our DIY video series Power Tools. 

Current projects include Petrichor - re-imagining site and performance with older lesbians supported by The Jerwood New Work Fund, landscaping the Physic Garden and newly published graphic novel Idle Women on the Water: A brick throwin', hijab-wearin', hairy-legged, space-takin' odyssey by Candice Purwin.

www.idlewomen.org | Instagram: @idle_women | Twitter: @idle_women | Facebook: @idlewomen


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