This Garden of Ours

'A collaborative art project researching global horticulture, This Garden of Ours explores stories and links between the migration of plants and humans across the planet. '

This Garden of Ours is an ACE Grants project, exploring the positive effects of nature and diversity within it as well as critiquing the key role of botany in the construction of global power dynamics and the lasting effects this has on migration and attitudes towards it.

The initial project consisted of a 6-month research and workshop schedule, 25+ artists and an ongoing public-facing programme of exhibitions and events including an installation, a panel discussion and more. By collectively evoking the garden of eden through research, art and aesthetics, we subvert the hostile environment narrative to provide an inclusive and planetary challenge to it.

We collaborate regularly with Journey’s Festival International, Let’s Keep Growing Levenshulme, The People’s History Museum. They now run public workshops, talks and consultations. 

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